4 Chords


Love Someone

Great video from Dub FX showing the wonders of loops and beatboxin

Kush & OJ

No time, sorry for not posting anything, but here’s wiz’s latest he just tweeted

Download Here

More Revolutions Per Minute

Another off of Reflection Eternal‘s new album Revolutions Per Minute dropping in May. This track is called Midnight Hour and it features Estelle. If Estelle sounds familiar but you can’t think of where, she did American Boy with Kanye as well as Guetta’s Jam One Love. Spotted at 2dopeboyz



I posted a great remix to Matt and Kim’s daylight earlier by Troublemaker. Here’s a another nice remix by the LA native. This one is of One Republic’s All the Right moves. Check out his myspace here. Shouts to illroots!

One Republic – All the Right Moves (Troublemaker Remix)

Final Four x2

Two years in a row. Surreal. Would be great if I didn’t have to study all day but Sparty on. I know this is redundant but Tom Izzo is incredible. The best coach in the country hands down, of course I’m a little biased. I gotta give a shout out to my boy lou who had three of four final four teams right and had baylor pulled out the win he would gotten all four right. Haven’t seen anything too special in the last day so here is a old remix of asher’s hit I love College all about sparty.

Techno Jeep

Spotted this over at The Docking Station. I liked it.